University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Dorm Reviews

So you got accepted to college and you leave in the Fall, to start your life as a Blugold. Congratulations!! Excitement ahead, right? Well, only if you selected or were assigned to the right dorm! Being housed in the "right" dorm can make or break your first college semester. Depending on what you are at college to do, I know it's to study, right...ha ha ha, being in the right dorm is a big deal. Here's a run down on the dorms at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire...

The UW Eau Claire campus is split in two parts, "upper" and "lower" campus; separated by "the hill". The majority of classes are on "lower" campus and the majority of the dorms are on "upper" campus. I know what you are thinking...sweet, I'll live on lower campus to be near the classes...ohhh, you have so much to learn, read on...



This is your standard dorm, four floors, it's about 50/50 men and women. Lofted beds and desks are provided for you. You have to share a bathroom on your floor, but there is a small fitness area in the basement, which is very convienent. Laundry facilities, a computer lab, and a kitchen are also available for Bridgemen residents to use. It's located on "upper" campus, near the tennis courts. A nice dorm, nothing spectacular, but nothing wrong with it either. It's an older dorm on campus, built in 1965.



This is the new dorm on campus, and the life of luxury, from what I've heard. I graduated in 1999, just as this dorm was being built. So I have never been in this dorm myself, but have heard it's pretty awesome. This is NOT your typical dorm, or your typical dorm room. They are more like apartments. Each apartment has it's own kitchen, living space, and bathroom. No more sharing the bathroom with all the girls/guys on your floor! This dorm also has a computer lab and fitness room!!! Laundry facilities in the basement are really nice too! Chancellors is located on upper campus, it's the farthest away from lower campus, so you'll have a nice walk to class everyday. This dorm is usually for upper classmen, so if you are a recommendation...try a different dorm, this one will be tough to get into to.



Another dorm that's known as a dorm for upper classmen. Freshman do sometimes get placed in this dorm, but they don't usually request it as a first choice. It's a lot like Bridgman hall, located in the same area on upper campus, etc. Four stories with both men and women. You have the shared bathroom on each floor. Laundry facilities, a small fitness area, a computer lab, and a kitchen are available for Governors Hall residents to use.




I have one word for this dorm...MEN...and lots of them! This is the all male dorm on campus. The only one. It's a four story dorm for men. And if you are female and going to collge here, you need to see Horan Hall and all of it's residents!! I will tell you, from experience, this hall does not smell nice! ha ha! It smells like 300+ men live there. Ugh! But if you can get past that, the eye candy is very worth it! This dorm is located on upper campus, and it's right in the middle of everything. It's in a great location, right next to Towers Hall (aka Party Central). Horan hall has the same amenities as the rest, a small fitness area, kitchen, laundry and a computer lab. There is a lounge in the basement for watching movies, etc. The only women's bathroom in the dorm is in the basement, sort of a bummer. Overall, a nice dorm for the men. A good party dorm, a good time is had by all in Horan Hall. Don't be bummed if you get assigned to Horan Hall you will make friends for life in this place!



Another dorm on upper campus. This is your standard 4 floor dorm, with both men and women, and shared bathrooms. It's a lot like Bridgman Hall, laundry facilities, a small fitness area, a computer lab, and a kitchen are available. One unique feature about this dorm is that it is close to the athletic facitlity on campus, where the pool and gym is located. Many athletes are houses here.



This is the all women dorm on campus. If you are a man, this is the place to be...if your a woman, try to stay out of this dorm if at all possible! All women, no men! It smells like flowers and perfume through out the entire place. If you are going to college to study (huh??!) then this might be the place for you. If you are going to college to party and meet boys...this is not the place for you. As a dorm though, it's your standard 4 floors of women. You have all the same amenities as the other dorms. It is located on upper campus, so it does have that going for it.



So far all of the dorms we have covered have been on upper campus, until now...Putnam Hall is located on lower campus. Not good! If possible, try to stay out of this dorm your Freshman year. You are there to meet people, party, have fun...this will not happen at Putnam Hall. Yes, I'm sure it's a great dorm, but the "happenings" usually are happening on upper campus. That is where the majority of people live, so on upper campus. The only good thing about Putnam Hall is you don't have to walk the dreaded "hill" on campus to get to your dorm. If you don't know about the "hill"...ask any UW Eau Claire grad and they will tell you about the "hill". If you get through college and never walk the "hill" at Eau Claire, then you never experienced college at Eau Claire. By the way...when your drunk you can run the "hill"!! It's amazing! (notice how Putnam got forgot in this small write up? that's how it is on campus too...people say "there's a dorm down there?")



Sutherland hall is a lot like Bridgman. Your standard 4 floor 50/50 split of men and women. Nothing really unique about this dorm. You have the shared bathroom on each floor. Laundry facilities, a small fitness area, a computer lab, and a kitchen are available for Governors Hall residents to use. It's located on upper campus, near the Wellness Center.



Thomas Hall...also known on campus as K.T. hall. This is the "other dorm" on lower campus. Did you read the review for Putnam? Same review...avoid if at all possible. This dorm is located next to the library. Who wants to party next to the library? Exactly...get a dorm on upper campus. Thomas Hall is the smallest dorm on campus, only housing about 150 students. 50/50 men and women.


Towers Hall...the glory of UW Eau Claire. This is actually one dorm, but divided in two. Two large towers on upper campus. Each tower has 10 floors and houses both men and women. You have an elevator and study rooms on each floor. In the lobby there are couches and a tv/study room. If you live on Towers South you will think that everyone in Towers North sucks and visa versa. It's pretty cool though. It's a great party dorm with so many people living in it. You will run into people in the lobby all the time, and there are always things going on. It has all the usual amenities, computer lab, kitchen, laundry. It's an older dorm, but well worth it. In my humble opinion, this is the place to live on campus!!! You get thrown right into campus life in this dorm. The one negative? Fire drills!! Ugh...when the drill goes off you WALK down all 10 flights of stairs...horrible. Especially when it happens at 2 am! You do have the shared bathroom, but hey, so do the other dorms.

In summary, I have to say that as long as you are on upper campus any dorm you're in, is great. You'll have a blast, we all did. Enjoy the "hill", bring a warm coat, and enjoy Water Street!

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